Spring/Summer 2015: I'm happy to announce my new book, Fieldwork in Theology: Exploring the Social Context of God's Work in the World. It is appearing as a volume in a highly regarded series, The Church in Postmodern Culture, edited by my colleage at Calvin College, James K. A. Smith.

From the Baker Academic website: "Leading practical theologian Christian Scharen explicates the relationship between theology and its social context. He engages with social theorist Pierre Bourdieu to offer helpful theoretical and theological grounding to those who want to reflect critically on the faith and practice of the church. Church vitality requires looking outward to inquire how God is at work loving the world and acting for its good amid real burdens and brokenness, says Scharen; inĀ Fieldwork in Theology, he integrates theology and ethnography to articulate a vision for the church's involvement with what God is doing in the world."

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