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Reflections on Grammy Nominees, Part 1: Mumford and Sons

Posted by Chris Scharen on Jan 18, 2012

One reason I wrote Broken Hallelujahs was to offer a theology of culture that sees--expects!--God's redeeming presence already at work in the world. Pop culture is not God-forsaken despite the 'constricted imagination' present in some corners of Christian which would say it is.

Image Journal short review of BH

Posted by Chris Scharen on Nov 23, 2011

The Image Journal, a wonderful space for the conversation between faith and the arts, has posted a short summary of Broken Hallelujahs on their ImageUpdate website.

First reviews of Broken Hallelujahs: gratitude and sorrow

Posted by Chris Scharen on Nov 7, 2011

The truth is that I'm grateful that Broken Hallelujahs was reviewed at all in the "Christian Booksellers Association Retailers-Resources" magazine.

Ethnography and theology

Posted by Chris Scharen on Sep 9, 2011

I said in my post yesterday that I'm on research leave and would try to think out loud a bit about the interconnected projects I'm working on in this blog space. Yesterday, I wrote about the practical reason aspect of my research and writing. A further aspect of that, in a way, is writing about ethnographic research as theology.


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